FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here are a few questions we got asked more than once. If you have any other queries at all, please contact us.


Which line-up is best suited to my event?


There are many different sides to us, and there is a host of different arrangements available for everyone with a budget of between 550 and 2500 euro. Easy listening is possible with Voxelle with accompaniment or accompanying themselves. A ceremony or concert suits all concepts and possible line-ups. At a reception we can mingle with the crowd with the Acapella or With accompaniment (guitar) or be background music with guitar or accompanying ourselves.


Where are you based?


We are based in London, but we perform across the whole country, Europe and the globe.


Is it possible to book you for longer performances than mentioned in the possibilities section?

Yes, it is! Depending on which line-up is selected, a lot is possible. The length of the sets can be changed and of course we are flexible at the day of your event. Ask us for a quote tailored to your exact needs.


Can we see you live?

Yes, we regularly perform live. During breaks there is an opportunity to meet us and ask us questions. We also regularly organize listening sessions at quiet intimate locations. During these sessions we perform selections suited to your event and we devise a plan with you. Contact us for upcoming gigs and listening sessions.

You can always watch us perform from the comfort of your living room chair by checking out one of the many live clips collected on our site.


What are your space requirements?

Depending on the line-up, we don't have any requirements (Acapella) 3 by 4.5 meters or slightly larger, if the arrangement includes light and or sound installation. We don’t require a stage, but one is recommended for the best effect. If a stage is being used, it is paramount that the above space requirements are adhered to, not only the total area but also the dimensions. 

Soon more to come...

More FAQ's will be answered soon. If you have any suggestions or questions, don't hesitate to contact us.